Sandra Storms Kropf

Photography: Addressing Media Exploration and Visual Literacy 

Text ©Sandra Storms Kropf, Ruby Sue Clifton Middle School


Lesson Two: Exercises in Photographic Media-Mixes and Manipulation 

Background for Exercise I: Drawing/Painting and Manipulated Photographs 

In the collaboration project From Portrait to Self-Portrait there is creative dialogue between photographer Antonio Nodar and other artists, like Antonio Tapies. Nodar offers artists a photograph as raw material for a self-portrait. When the finished self-portrait is returned, Nodar pairs it with his original photograph as a set (Nodar).

In open-ended interactive discussion the class will compare collaborative portrait /self-portrait with other artworks by Tapies, deconstructing for art media, photographic elements, art elements/principles, symbols, themes/issues, view point/dialogue. What is the dialogue between the artists? What techniques does Tapies use in these artworks?