Contemporary Visual Artists

Who are They? What are They doing?

Inter action between Visual arts and photography


Artists from XX and XXI Century, belonging to different Visual fields, are to be confronted to a B/W Photographic Image of Themselves.


A Print or Digital file is given to them, to be transformed with their own personal Art technique, to show How They see themselves?


Portrait and Self-portrait, are side by side, creating a new Art work, to act as a Graphic Interview, for you to read.

The Collection

Started in 1996, has reached so far over 1.200+ Artists worldwide. Presented in Albums, named after Country or City, where this project is located at time of realization.

Nepal, 316 Artists

A Coruña, 167 Artists

Barcelona, 146 Artists

Miscellany, 12 Artists

Tarragona, 15 Artists

Paris, 210 Artists

El Salvador, 270 Artists

London, 60 Artists

Madrid, 44 Artists


Artists suggest other Artists, to expand fairly and interlacing across all ages, tendencies, sex, race, religion and politics. This is an open call to Artists willing to participate. Read more



To document a wide range of Artists. Original Diptychs  are not intended for sale,  the objective being, to find a permanent space, for the full collection to be housed. Read more