... from portrait to self-portrait ...

In this ongoing project, started in 1996, by Antonio Nodar; Visual artists, are confronted with their own image in B&W and asked to transforme it (trough their art), into a self-portrait.

This dual approach, creates a third  art work, as a Diptych (portrait and Self portrait) for You to discover, interact and compare.

Bianca Tschaikner

biankca tschaikner, artist portrait, Galicia Album biankca tschaikner, artist self-portrait, Galicia Album

Who are they?

Over 1.200 artists are housed by Albums, named after the region, ( Catalunya, Galicia, El Salvador, London, Madrid, Nepal, Paris and Miscellany ) where the photographic portrait was taken.

How they see themselves?

By clicking on the artist portrait, of your choice, it will link You to their own page, where the final art work is showcased.

However if you want to go straight on, to the artist of your choice, you can access directly through the Artist List