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As a way to enhance the Tridimensional  recognition of One individual, I apply the "word of mouth" method of selection, and the "photographic portrait" as a medium, to establish a dialogue between Visual Artists and Photography.

Artist are confronted with their image in b&w and asked to transforme it (trough their art), into a self-portrait.

This dual approach creates a third  art work as a Diptych (portrait and Self portrait), for You to interact with and generate Your own view point.

So far 1.200 artists have responded to the call. This integrative, adding up of individuals, is to create a boundary free, wide landscape, of what is going on at this change of millennia  and century. 

The wild dream, is to continue progressing, adding artists, edit books, create a virtual museum, promote the participating artists, housing the full collection as a permanent exhibition (originals are not for sale)and between us all, leave a legacy for future generations. …. Oh and send the virtual museum to the Mars colonies, Elon Musk willing.

Antonio Nodar

PS This project is dedicated to the unfading memory of Elsa Peretti (1940 - 2001) for the founding, guidance and friendship.


The full collection of portraits and self-portraits presented in Albums : Barcelona, El Salvador, Galicia, London, Madrid, Nepal, Paris, Tarragona, Miscellany

Artist List

Full list of participating artists and direct to link to their own Diptych.

Activity Wall

Documentation produced by the project since its beginnings (1996)  Making off, openings, conferences, exhibitions, news and updating of what is going on.

Credits List

All of the individuals mentioned joined spontaneously like a solidarity chain with out previous  knowledge of who i was or what i was doing.


Press cuttings from news papers and magazines relating to the project


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