Adrian Swinstead


Adrian Swinstead
… from portrait to self-portrait … London album, diptych : Antonio Nodar / Adrian Swinstead



adrian swinstead vol.1 book
… from portrait to self-portrait … VOL.1, book pages 12 & 13

Adrian Swinstead

Yew from the top of Aston Hill in Buckinghamshire, felled by the great storm of 1987.
Bog Oak dug from the ground at Conington Fen in Cambridgeshire, a tree that was growing 5000 years ago.
I am fascinated by the history of the trees that i work with.My work expresses the graphic and Sculptural potential of forms created by nature.
In the self-portrait the pale Yew sapwood creates two interrelated lines in space, the portrait is similarly cut and reversed

Prehistoric Oak and Acrylic Bench

Prehistoric Oak Tree Trunk Cabinet

Prehistoric Oak Vessel