Manish Harizon

© Antonio Nodar / Manish Harizon


One Life, One faith, One God

Medium: resin skull, food grains( religious purified) light, bronze palate and soil ( mud)

The entitled work “One Life, One Faith, One God” generates the idea about good fortune and faith with suspiciousness. The work share the notion of binary opposition which combined eastern auspicious natural grains food (religiously purified) with human skull. Individual skull have filled with each different natural grains food assumes as pure natural products used for religious purpose in eastern culture. Skull generally symbolize death, evil and negative power. Natural grains symbolizes religiously purified that strength to protect the life of society with its biological process that makes balance between negative and positive power of the society, faith and superstitions. Illuminated light metaphorically used as a goodness.

Size 182 cm diameter, acrylic on canvas.

The entitled work “Untitled” is a circle  painting that contains the daily used utensils. The circle here brings the idea about contemporary societies with the mainstream of traditional values, norms and approach. The utensils here represent the discrimination and class struggle. The works also symbolized poverty, hungry and marginal society.



Lino, acrylic, oil on canvas

Entitled work No. 108, the works that intersect the idea of eastern mythical number philosophy with western popular superhero culture. Individual superheroes occupies the place of local deity signify the meaning of modernity that replace the traditional space and belief. There are 108 columns painted with the local traditional top of that painted individual superheroes instead deities.