Enrique Etievan

enrique etievan, artist photographic portrait, Paris album enrique etievan, artist self-portrait, Paris album

© Antonio Nodar / Enrique Etievan


In each painting in each drawing, my goal is to try to express what I am, what I feel, the moment in which I am today. Through the search or the investigation of light in the dark, the union of the two and their balance in an existential harmony between both. Two opposing forces that can not exist without the other, creating a third by joining both. Thus is born a metaphor or a simile between the created images and my life.

Once the work is finished, the experience of life is reflected in the work. Then I watch her, I watch her to see if her message is clear and simple. Then I let her go, to share it with others. I always do this, but magic almost never happens. That’s why I keep creating and working.